Property Tax Cook

Property Taxes Cook

You will learn how to pay your property taxes in County Cook online by following the step-by-step directions in this guide. Taxpayers may pay their payments using a number of credit cards or electronic checks. The treasurer is in charge of collecting revenue and delivering tax bills.

Making a Check and Payment of Property Tax Cook

Payments for property taxes in Cook County may be made online, via mail, or in person at the Cook County Tax Office.
Part payments may be accepted, and penalties and interest will be kept to a minimum.

Step 1: Go to the Cook County Government Website and sign in.

Go to the Cook County Government Website and log in. We’ll begin by going to the Cook County online site from any browser or by clicking on this link: ( Once there, we’ll look for the Pay Online option and click on it.

Log in to the Cook County Government Web Site

Step 2: Enter the PIN for the property

We’ll now be prompted to enter our Pin number, which may be obtained on any paid bill. After that, we enter it in and hit the Search button.

Enter Property PIN Number

Step 3: Select “More Tax Bill Information” from the drop-down menu

Under this area, we’ll get a summary of our property’s data; we’ll double-check that it’s right, then choose the option More Tax Bill Information in the section TAX BILLED AMOUNTS & TAX HISTORY. Choose “More Tax Bill Information” from the drop-down menu.

Select the More Tax Bill Information option

Step 4: Choose the property tax bill that has to be paid

A new tab will appear in this stage, displaying all of our property tax invoices, both paid and unpaid. Choose the bill you want to pay and press the Pay Now button. Choose the property tax bill that has to be paid.

Select Property Tax Bill to be Paid

Step 5: Decide on your payment options

We’ll now choose a payment option, such as E-check or Credit/Debit Cards, to complete the transaction. In one of the two selections, we write in that we accept the terms and conditions and then click the payment option button. Payment Methods to Consider.

Select Payment Methods

Step 6: Verification of any outstanding debts that must be paid

Then, in the following area, we check the information and, by clicking the Yes button, affirm that we wish to continue with the payment. Confirmation of a debt that must be paid.

Confirmation of outstanding debt to be paid

Step 7: Enter the payment amount

After we’ve completed the previous step, we’ll need to input the amount we wish to pay or pay off the loan.
We click the Continue To Pay button when we enter it in. Enter the amount that needs to be paid.

Enter the amount to be paid

Step 8: Choose a Payment Platform

We will be taken to the payment platform that we selected previously where we will fill in our personal and financial data, after filling in all the fields we click on the Continue button. Selected Payment Platform.

Payment Platform Selected

Step 9: Payment to be Made Confirmation

We’ll double-check that the information is right, check the box indicating that we accept the authorisation, and then click the Confirm button. Payment to be Made Confirmation.

Confirmation of Payment to be Made

Step 10: Get Payment Support

Finally when finishing our payment we are going to print and to save the support in the options that appears to us before leaving the page. it is advised to erase the navigation history so that it does not expose the financial data, finally click in the button OK to leave.

Download Payment Support

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