Property Taxes Maricopa


By following the step-by-step instructions in this article, you will be able to see and pay your Maricopa property tax statement online.

How can I get a property tax consultation and pay my property taxes online in Maricopa?

Part 1: Go to the Maricopa County Treasurer’s Office website

The first step is to go to the Maricopa County government’s website, which is where property taxes are collected. This page can be found at, where we join the site and proceed to the left side to the Parcel Search area, where we insert our parcel number and hit the Search button.

Go To The Maricopa County Treasurer's Office Website

Part 2: Set up an online tax payment Coupon

This phase displays a summary of our property tax debts, allows us to revise the figures, and then instructs us to pick the option Create a Payment Coupon and click on it.

Create an online tax payment Coupon

Part 3: Choose which tax invoice data should be paid

You must choose the year of property tax to be paid and the date of payment in this section. After you’ve chosen your dates and double-checked your values, click the Pay Online option to complete the transaction.

Select Tax Invoice Data to be Paid

Part 4: Maricopa County Treasurer’s Office Payment Gateway

You will be taken to the Maricopa County Treasurer’s Office payment portal, where you may check your property details and proceed by clicking the Confirm button.

Payment Gateway Maricopa County Treasurer's Office

Part 5: Year-by-year selection of tax values to be paid

The next step is to enter the amounts you intend to pay; the page displays the total amount owed for current and past years’ bills. By selecting the Add To Cart button, we may choose which one we need to pay for.

Selection of Values to be Paid for Taxes by Years

Part 6: Proceed to the Payment Checkout for Property Taxes

To proceed, click the Checkout button after entering the amounts to be paid.

Go to Property Tax Payment Checkout

Part 7: Choose an online payment method

The next step is to choose just one payment method from the options shown, which may be either a credit/debit card or an electronic check. Select the method that best suits your needs and click the Check Out With (OPTION) button.

Selecting Online Payment Method

Part 8: Accept Payment Terms and Conditions

A little window will emerge, allowing us to read the payment methods’ terms and conditions before clicking the “I Agree” button.

Accept Terms and Conditions of Payments

Part 9: Fill in the Payer’s Information

To complete this stage, you must fill up all of the blank areas with the relevant personal and financial information. When we’ve finished filling out all of the fields, we’ll check the Acknowledgement box and click the Approve And Checkout With Echeck button.

Fill in the Payer's Data

Part 10: E-check Payment Gateway

You will now be taken to the Maricopa Treasurer’s Office E-check site, where you will be asked to enter your bank information to complete the transaction. After you’ve filled in all of the fields, click the Continue button.

E-check Payment Gateway

Then, to finish the invoice payment, double-check the bank information you submitted and click the Process Payment option.

confirm the bank information entered

Part 11: Save Online Payment Support

Once the purchase has been completed, it is advised that you download and print the payment confirmation, as well as remove the navigation data as a precaution before departing.

Save Online Payment Support

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