Property Tax Hennepin


Hennepin county property taxes are easy to consult, search, calculate and pay. Only follow the step by step of this tutorial.

¿How to Consult, Search and Make Payment of Hennepin County Property Tax?

Step 1: Access the Hennepin Government’s Property Tax Web Site

To get started we have to access the Hennepin government portal by searching for it in any browser or directly with the link: Once inside the page we locate among the popular links the Property Information Search option and click on it.

Access the Hennepin Government's Property Tax Web Site

Step 2: Hennepin County Property Tax Search

The next step is to select the type of property tax hennepin county search, it can be by address, property ID or even by map. Select by click on the search type as it is provided.

Hennepin Property Tax Search

Step 3: Enter Hennepin Property Tax Search Data

In this part we are going to type the search data that we are asked for, once we fill them we click on the Search button.

Enter Hennepin Property Tax Search Data

Step 4: Check the Hennepin County Property Tax Record

After performing the search we will see the data of the property tax bills of Hennepin county, we scroll to the part that shows the values and summary of the Property Tax Hennepin County, click on Expand for Details to know everything we have so far.

Check the Hennepin County property tax record

Then we will be shown the values that make up our Hennepin County property tax in detail.

property tax Hennepin County in detail

How to Make Hennepin County Property Tax Payment Online?

Step 5: Make Hennepin Property Tax Payment

To make the payment online, go back to the previous step and select the Go to Taxes Due option.

Make Hennepin County Property Tax Payment

Then the data we have owed to date should be displayed. We review the values and in case we have debt and want to pay we click on the Pay Current Taxes With E-Check button.

Hennepin County Property Tax Payment Online

Step 6: Enter Bank Details for Payment

Now select or type in the desired value to be paid. Then in the bottom part fill in the requested bank information and click on the Continue button.

Enter Bank Details for Payment Property Tax Hennepin

Step 7: Confirm Payment of Property Taxes Hennepin

We confirm the payment that appears in the system after reviewing the values by clicking on the Make a Payment button.

Confirm Property Taxes Hennepin County Payment

Step 8: Save Hennepin County Property Tax Payment Data Record

Don’t forget to keep the evidence of payment once you’ve completed all of the steps in the procedure. Also, to prevent revealing personal financial information, remove the navigation data. You should get an email confirming whether or not the payment was successful.

Print Property Tax Hennepin Save Property Tax Hennepin Data

How to Use The Hennepin County Property Tax Map?

If you did not find your Property. You can use the interactive map for the Hennepin Property Taxes. Only Follow this link:

hennepin county property tax map

Once inside with the map you can consult the exact data for the property tax. Among the data you can find addresses, house numbers, street names, owners, payers and property IDs. It is necessary to remind you that all of the information that appears on the map is the same information that appears on the Hennepin County property tax statement.