Property Tax Los Angeles

Property Taxes LA

You will discover how to pay your property taxes in Los Angeles online by following the step-by-step directions in this article.

How can I pay my Los Angeles property taxes online?

First Part: To begin, go to the Los Angeles property tax payment website

The first step is to go to the Los Angeles government website, or click on this link: Once there, look for the box with the option Pay Property Taxes Online and click on it.

access the Los Angeles property tax payment portal

Second part: Choose an option to Make a payment over the internet

Once within the payment platform, look for the Make Online Payment option under PAYING BY CREDIT OR DEBIT CARD under the PAYING BY CREDIT OR DEBIT CARD section.

Select the option Make Online Payment

Third part: Accept the terms of service and proceed

Now the terms of service will display, which we will read, and we will go to the conclusion, where we will confirm the security measure that we are not a robot, and then click Next.

Accept Terms of Use and Continue

Fourth part: decide on a LA property tax and assign an AIN number

We’ll click the Property Tax Inquiry / One-Time Payment button in this stage, which is on the left side.

Property Tax Inquiry One Time Payment Option

After that, you must input your Assessor’s Identification Number – AIN and click Submit.

Assessor's Identification Number - AIN

Then choose Make A Payment from the drop-down menu.

the Make A Payment button

Fifth part: Decide on a property tax LA payment method

We’ll keep an eye on the payment alternatives that display, and after we’ve gone through them all, we’ll select the Proceed to Pay by eCheck button.

Select a Payment Option for your Tax

Then we’ll see the payment terms, which we’ll go through one by one until we’re satisfied, then we’ll accept the terms and conditions and go on to the next step.

Sixth part: enter your tax return’s PIN code

In this section, we’ll see a pop-up box requesting us to input our PIN number; we’ll key it in and then click the Next button.

Fill in the PIN Code of your Tax

Seventh part: make your property tax Los Angeles payment online

We’ll see the value of our tax invoice in this stage, choose the amount to pay, and then click the Add to Shopping Cart option.

Add to Shopping Cart button

We next continue to confirm our payment by clicking the button Proceed to Checkout, which will create a pop-up window in which we must click OK.

button Proceed to Checkout

We’ll then be transferred to the Los Angeles government’s payment portal after waiting 5 seconds.

Eighth part: Los Angeles Payment Los Angeles Property Taxes Gateway

We evaluate the data we’ll be paying for and click the Continue button once we’re inside the payment portal.

the payment gateway

To complete the payment, we must first fill in the financial and personal information; we do so and then click Continue.

fill in the financial and personal data

After that, we go through the summary and select Process Payment.

Process Payment Tax

Before leaving the website, we complete our procedure, download, and print our payment support.

Download and print our payment support

Check your email to see whether the money went through, and never give out your personal or financial information to strangers. You should also clear your browser history to prevent your financial information from being kept.

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