Property Tax Richmond – Staten Island Borough

Property Tax Staten Island Richmond

In this guide We’ll teach you how to know the details of your Richmond County Property Tax bill for the Borough of Staten Island, as well as how to make the payment of your tax online. Only follow the instructions in this Article.

How can I get consult about Richmond County of Staten Island Borough property tax bill?

Part 1: Find and visit the website of the New York City Department of Finance

Go to the website of the department in charge of collecting the tax, which in this case is the New York City Department of Finance, and start looking for your property tax bill. You may use any browser or go to to do a search. When you get there, search under Property for the Bill & Payments option and choose it.

Login to the Official New York City Finance Department Website

Part 2: From the drop-down menu, select the option to view your property tax bill

From the Property Tax Information Section, choose “Property Tax Bill & Payment Information,” then “Access Your Property Tax Bill.”

Select the option to Access your Property Tax Bill

Part 3: Look through your actual property tax bill

Choose one of the three Property Tax search options that appear at this point.

3 options to search for your Property Tax Bill

Choose the ones that are the easiest to find and for which you have sufficient information.

Search Property Tax Richmond

The most user-friendly way is to search by address.

The address search method is the easiest to use

Select the property for which you want to view the invoice if you prefer to search by address.

The address search method is the easiest to use richmond

Part 4: Look at your property tax invoices, attending to the history and summary presented

The data for the consulted property will be provided in this section. Go to the right-hand menu and choose “Printable Summary” to receive a quick summary of all our property tax invoices and payments.

general summary of all our debts and payments for property tax richmond

This comprehensive review of property taxes may be downloaded and printed for a better understanding.

general summary of Property Taxes can be Downloaded and Printed richmond

If we click to the left-hand option “Property Tax Bills,” we’ll see all of the bills that have been created for us; if we want to look at a specific bill, we go to the Date the bill was issued.

review the Property Tax Bills History Richmond

That time period’s invoices are available. You’ll be able to download and print the tax invoice to pay in person or by mail after we’ve agreed on a date.

Selecting the date will open the bill that was generated in that period Richmond

In Staten Island Borough of Richmond County, how can I pay my property tax bill online?

Part 5: Selecting a Payment Option for Your Real Property Taxes

If you need to pay a Property Tax Bill online, go to the top of the NYC Finance Department website and click on the “Pay Property Taxes” button or the “Property Tax Search & Pay” option under the Property section.

Selecting Property Tax Payment Initiation Options

If none of the above options work for you, go to the Quick Links section’s Tax Bill and Payment section and pick “Make a Payment.”

click on the "Make a Payment" option

Part 6: Make an online payment with CityPay

You must now select Pay Online with CityPay to make an online payment.

Select Online Payment Option Via CityPay

Part 7: General Tax Payment Forms

From the list of usual methods of payment, choose “Property Taxes (Pay as a Guest).”

Common Tax Payment Forms

Part 8: Search for a property with CityPay

We’ll search CityPay for bills just using the BBL number or the address.

Property Search in CityPay by BBL number Richmond

Click the Search button once you’ve entered the information you’re searching for.

Property Search in CityPay by Address Richmond

Part 9: Determine how much property taxes you wish to pay

The total amount of outstanding tax debts, as well as the total amount in the past, will be presented. After double-checking the quantities we wish to pay, we select the value and click the Add selected products to basket option.

Add Select Items to Cart Richmond

Then click the bottom-right Proceed to Checkout button to continue.

Proceed to Checkout Payment Richmond

Part 10: Pay your property taxes with a credit or debit card

Go to the Credit Card tab and fill in the blank spaces to pay with a credit or debit card. Click the Continue button when you’re finished.

Property Tax Payment by Credit or Debit Card

We keep clicking the Next button while gazing at the cards that approve us.

continue reviewing the cards that accept

Part 11: Enter your credit card information to make a payment

Double-check the information before entering the details for the credit card you’ll use to pay the tax. Finally, click Next to see the transaction’s outcomes.

Enter Credit Card Information for Payment NY

Part 12: Payment of Property Taxes via E-Check

To pay your property tax by E-Check, go to the E-Check tab, fill in the relevant information, and then click Continue.

Property Tax Payment by E-check

Click the Next button after selecting the account type.

Enter Financial Data for Payment NY

Part 13: To pay a bill, enter your bank account details

At this point, we enter in the required financial information in the fields and then click Next.

Enter Financial Data for Payment NY

You may then confirm that you’ve approved the transaction by clicking Pay Now.

confirm that you authorize the transaction

Part 14: Save Tax Payment Evidence

Finally, we finish the tax procedure by quitting the website, downloading and printing the proof of payment, and erasing the history to protect our information.

Print Payment Support

Save Payment Support

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