Property Taxes San Diego


Please follow the step-by-step directions in this video to check, download, and pay your San Diego County Property Tax online.

How Do I Get a Property Tax Consultation and Pay the Taxes in San Diego?

Step 1: Go to the San Diego County Government’s Website for Property Tax Collection

To begin, we go to the official San Diego County Treasurer’s website by searching for it in a browser or clicking on this link: When we go to, we look for the green Pay Bill box and click on it.

Access the San Diego County Government Property Tax Collection Web Site

Then a little pop-up window with the process specifics appears, and we hit the Continue button to proceed.

Pop up window will open with the details of the process where we press the Continue

Step 2: San Diego property tax search information

This section requires you to search for your property tax using one of three methods: parcel number, mailing address, or bill number. When you enter the search option, click the start search button to begin searching by address or invoice number.

Search San Diego Property Tax Information

Step 3: Add the Property Tax San Diego County Due Amount to the Cart

This stage will display a list of your property tax debts; choose the one you wish to pay and click the “add to basket” button.

Add to cart the value due

Step 4: Confirm the San Diego County Property Tax Due Amount

In this stage, you’ll check the invoices you’ve placed to your shopping cart and, after you’re satisfied with the amount to pay, click the View Cart option.

Confirm the amount of tax due

Step 5: Begin the Checkout Process

To proceed, click the Check Out button after seeing a summary of the amount and San diego Property tax rates to be paid.

Start Payment Checkout

Step 6: Payment Gateway Treasurer’s Office of San Diego County

We will be taken to the San Diego County Treasurer’s Office payment gateway from the previous stage; we will begin with the payment information for the property tax bill and then examine it before clicking the green Pay button.

Payment Gateway San Diego County Treasurer's Office

Step 7: Fill in the Taxpayer’s Personal Information

The next step is to fill in several blank fields with the payer’s personal information, and then click the Continue button after all of the forms have been filled in.

Fill in Personal Information of the Tax Payer

Step 8: Using a Credit Card to Pay Property taxes San Diego

Select the payment option and fill in the card and cardholder details. If you wish or need to pay the Property Tax by credit card. After that, click the Continue button.

Credit Card Payment Method

Step 9: E-Check as a Tax Payment Method

Select the payment method option and fill in the payer’s personal and bank information. If you need or want to pay the Property Tax by e-Check. Click Continue after you’ve filled in all of the required information.

Tax Payment Method by e-Chek

Step 10: Confirmation of Property Tax Payment Summary

Finally, you must accept the terms and conditions by checking the box that says “I agree” and clicking the “Submit Payment” button.

Property Tax Payment Summary Confirmation

Step 11: Print and Download Payment Support for San Diego Property Tax Bills

Print Support Payment

The payment procedure is finished with the step above. Print and save the Payment Voucher before leaving the website. To secure your financial information, it is suggested that you remove your internet history. Never give out your personal information to strangers.

Download Payment Support

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